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Why buy a house in Monroe County, Michigan?

Monroe County combines comfort with convenience, which is why this region is the perfect place to call home. From lakeshore living to urban, woodland and farm communities, Monroe County has a setting that’s right for you. Homes are centrally located in the Great Lakes region with two major expressways to get you where you need to go. This is why you should buy a house in Monroe County, MI. You will find the State of Ohio to the South and Lake Erie to the East. Canada, too, is only a short drive away. 

Despite the proximity to large cities such as Dearborn, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Toledo, Monroe County’s resident are spread out over a large, primarily country landscape, making it peaceful and safe while providing easy access to entertainment, job opportunities and travel. Simply put, Monroe County is a pleasant place to live—a great mix. And we welcome you!

Monroe County is considered to be the “Gateway to the State.” Major expressways I75 and I23 run north and south at Monroe County’s eastern and western borders. These expressways provide fast travel between Detroit, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio, or from Ann Arbor to Toledo and Sylvania, Ohio. Numerous exits and on-ramps allow our resident to be in their quiet, country home one minute and taking a road trip the next minute. You can make a living where the economy is fast-paced, then spend your evenings and weekends hunting, fishing, gardening and taking a bike ride on local paths. Monroe County is a great place to raise a family.

Speaking of family, the options for churches and schools are almost overwhelming. What that means to new residents is that they’ll be sure to find just the right place to live and learn. For studies in faith and worship, consider over 200 churches and church groups. Regarding fundamental education, you’ll find grade schools with excellent performance reviews and even a local Community College with excellent facilities and programs career programs.

And when school’s out, it couldn’t be easier to load up the family for a quick getaway. Northern Michigan in its entirety has historically been regarded as a resort. Consider a cruise over to Lake Michigan to get lost on hundreds of miles of sandy beaches and dunes. Perhaps a wilderness retreat is in order, or a tour of waterfalls. Be sure to cross the Mackinac Bridge into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Niagara Falls is also only a half-day away through Canada. Or, head south into Kentucky and Tennessee , the Appalachian Mountains or further on to Florida. I75 will take you there and back again with the greatest of ease.

We love our county for all it has and all it provides access to. We hope you, too, gain the peace of mind knowing you and your family have settled in such a safe, convenient and nurturing environment.